2014-05-17 20.49.24


3 thoughts on “2014-05-17 20.49.24

    1. Hi Sumera,
      Thanks for commenting! I did use entirely real plants, nothing fake.

      The small planters were purchased at Hobby Lobby a few years ago in their seasonal section, so I am not sure if they are still available. However, I did see a similar planter in the fairy garden section of a large garden nursery last year. I have also seen miniature planters on etsy.

      If you buy a planter to do this with, be sure that it has a drainage hole or that you can successfully drill one using a masonry bit. It also needs to be large enough to hold the roots, these lobelia came in a six-pack and I had to stuff the roots in, so that gives you a rough idea on the size.

      Unless you live in a cool climate or like to water twice a day, it will be important to insert the drip emitter into the bottom or plant a succulent instead.

      I hope this helps.


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