Creating a Decorative English Fireplace

Create a Decorative English FireplaceLiving in an old Tudor, I have a special affinity for English decorative elements and I cannot think of anything more English than a cast iron Victorian fireplace in a bedroom.  Unfortunately, these are not easily found in the United States.  The ones I did find cost around $1,000, definitely not in my budget!  Fortunately, I was able to assemble a similar faux fireplace at a greatly reduced cost.  Although we cannot heat the bedroom with this fireplace, it does add decorative warmth and ambiance to our space.

I started by stalking Ebay until I found an antique cast iron fireplace surround for just under $150, this was by far the greatest expense.  I could have purchased one even less expensively if I hadn’t had my heart set on an arched fireplace.  Once I had the surround, I could determine the measurements of the rest of my materials.  I was working with a very narrow space, be sure to adjust all measurements to work with your available space.


Cast iron fireplace surround

Picture wire strong enough to hang the surround

Tin ceiling tile or another material to hang behind the surround

Thin lumber cut to the width of the surround

2” thick lumber cut to the width of the surround. to serve as the mantel

2” thick lumber cut larger than the bottom of the surround. to serve as the hearth

4 x 4” post for beneath the hearth

12 x 36” marble tile to sit on the floor

2 thick corbels

1 piece decorative moulding



Spray paint

Paint for wood


Supplies for English bedroom fireplace


  1. Cut all lumber to size
  2. Glue the moulding to the thin lumber backing.  close up of ornament
  3. Sand, wipe away dust, and paint all wooden materials.
  4. Spray paint the iron surround.
  5. Glue the 2″ hearth on the 4 x 4 lumber.
  6. Attach the tin ceiling tile or other backing to the wall with screws.
  7. Place the marble tile, 4 x 4 lumber and 2″ hearth in the desired position.Hearth of a marble tile, a 4 x 4 post and 2 inch thick lumber
  8. Hang the surround so that it will just rest on the hearth materials.
  9. Screw the thin lumber above the surround, hiding the screws behind the corbels
  10. Hang the corbels on the thin lumber backingclose up of mantel
  11. Glue the 2″ mantel on the corbels, making sure the mantel is pushed back against the wallside view of mantelOnce your fireplace has been assembled, you can decorate the inside with logs, a fireplace screen, Christmas lights, or candles.  The mantle can be decorated with a vase, clock, candles, books, lamps, pictures, or sculptures.

Happy Decorating!

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2 thoughts on “Creating a Decorative English Fireplace

  1. Hello !
    I’m writing an article for a french DIY magazine (printed on paper) about fairy gardens.
    Do you allow me to show photos of your creation (seen here : in the article ?
    Of course, I will write your name next to the picture and give the address of your blog/website/Etsy shop in the address book at the end of the magazine !
    If yes, can you please answer as soon as possible (with sending photos in high resolution it would be perfect !) ?
    I have to give my paper very quickly… (Normally, it was all over for today, but I’m late !) :-/
    If you have other fairy gardens to show, they would be welcome too.
    Best regards,
    Elise AMANN (for the magazine named “Atelier Déco & Créations” issue 46)


    1. Hi Elise,
      Certainly, that would be fine if I am not replying too late. I would only ask that you send me a copy of the magazine after it is published. If you would like me to send the photos, please let me know your email address. Thanks!


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